Invading The Great Wall of China

If you are planning to explore this most popular of world heritage listings, then believe me when I tell you that Jinshanling is the best route to take.

Here's the facts:

No. 1 It is NOT crowded

With spectacular views, th Great Wall of China attracts travelers from all over the world at all times. The route via Jinshanling is the perfect way to avoid the usual crowded paths like Badaling and Mutianyu, very few tourist come here and take this walk to enjoy the view.

uncrowded paths

No. 2 Moderate Challenge

It takes 3.5 hours of hiking exercises my friends, plus I have to carry a back pack all the way up to the wall and down from the wall. I guess that is why i stay in shape :)

get fit with this climb

Fact no 3, why you should take Jinshanling route

The Great Wall of China is a fort made mainly by soldiers, peasants and some prisoners. It is a famous ancient construction which was made of stone, sand, brick, tamped earth and wood. Several wall were being built in the 7th century BC and it looks amazing on the mountain ridges. Rebuilt, maintained and enhanced with majority of the existing wall being constructed in time of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644).

Witness the stunning parts of the Great Wall of China both original and renovated.

I found it is an authentic awe inspiring experience you will always remember.

Recently rebuilt (photo taken Sep 2015)

Current brick step 
And so to fact no 4 of Jinshanling track

On my "invading" the Great Wall of China, it is important to pace yourself, I took truly mildly deeply inhale and could not help but think of myself, "Oh Wow it's stunning walk along the back of this magnificent, undulating ancient snake! Man, you should give a try.

An ancient snake path

Leading us to fact no 5 "Jinshanling best part to see the Great Wall of China"

Walk through the many different ancient watchtowers and see the mechanisms of defence applied on the wall.


Finally fact no 6 about Jinshanling track

Three and a half hours hike with breathtaking views, the Great Wall also will transport you back in time to Imperial China and get you a sense of what it felt like to be a Ming Dynasty soldier sent to the northern area to protect the Chinese empire against nomadic invaders or military incursions by warlike people and forces.

View from the last tower

So Hike and Enjoy :)

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